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Artifitial nails with a natural look
Natural wrap with permanent black French manicure

Salon- how to start and run a nail salon

Naildesign as a proffession

To make a living from naildesign is based on being able to make and customize the artificial nails to the customers wishes and needs.
Customers today have elevated expectations for their nail experiences and the quality of the workmanship. The time they spend in the salon and time they spend during maintaining their nails after three to six weeks is also important.

Regular customers

To build a base of regular customers you need to master maintenance services in 25-55 minutes. Your business model should be based on regular customers. Customers coming back year after year. This is what will give you a safe job with a stable income for many years to come.
85% of your customers should be regular customers.

To own a nails salon

A profession "at the sunny side of life" where you create lasting well-being for customers every day. Sounds all well, but it takes time to learn nail design and to get enough experience. It is important you give yourself the time you need during the training at your pace, to develop the necessary knowledge.
To run your own salon is based on that you can make quality work, fast.


To make a salon customer to choose and stay with Scandinavian nails it is important that you understand how to use the products the best way possible.

It is the salon customers that decides the quality they prefer. Your salon in the future becomes a result of the school you chose to go to and the products you specialized in using. All schools have different products and different goals for their training.